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Why Join TMACC?

As a member of TMACC, your company will be directly involved in advocating for sustainable transportation options and improving the connectivity of Chester County.  If you see your company as an environmentally responsible organization, joining TMACC would demonstrate to your community and your employees that you want to be a part of the solution to alleviate traffic congestion and improve air quality. 


In addition to improving your community, joining TMACC will provide you with the commuting resources for your employees that can save them money and promote a healthier workforce, which is seen as a valuable benefit.

Who Can Join TMACC?

TMACC serves the County of Chester located in Pennsylvania.  If your company resides or conducts work in Chester County, then becoming a member of TMACC can benefit you! Businesses of all sizes and all industries have a vested stake in improving transportation and are eligible to become members of TMACC.  Annual membership dues are based on the size of your organization.

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Why TMACC Needs You

Businesses and employers have a significant influence on how their employees commute to and from work. TMACC can advocate for transportation solutions in Chester County and try to change legislation through the partnerships, but you, the employers, are the ultimate influencer on sound and practical transportation demand management solutions. 


As a member of TMACC, we will guide you through implementing alternative commuting resources in your company that will greatly impact that way we move for the better.


To receive more information on TMACC membership or to schedule a meeting with us, contact our Manager of Community and Corporate Relations at


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Timely Transportation Information

The #1 compliment TMACC receives from our members is that we provide them and their employees with important and timely information about transportation updates in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Through our partnerships with PennDOT, SEPTA and other local chambers and planning organizations we have the ability to provide you with updated information that will help you and your employees navigate through Chester County’s traffic.


We also send out a weekly email each Monday morning, called the Monday Morning Memo and a quarterly newsletter that that provides you with unique transportation and land development information around the County.

Cost-Effective Commuter Consulting

Working with private consulting firms to come up with transportation demand management solutions for your company can be expensive and time-consuming.  With a TMACC membership, we will provide you with our knowledge and experience in TDM consulting to assess your company’s commuter needs and make suggestions to improve your mobility. 


Suggestions could include, but will not be limited to:

  • Car-sharing implementation

  • Telework and flextime support

  • Bike commuting solutions

  • Shuttle creation

  • Communications, marketing and outreach support for program implementation

Advocacy with Government Agencies

TMACC works closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), SEPTA, Amtrak, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) and the Chester County Planning Commission.  TMACC will advocate on your behalf of your company or township. 

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Networking Opportunities

TMACC hosts a variety of signature and community events throughout the year. These events not only provide you with wealthy and unique information about the transportation sector, but it grants you the opportunity to meet and interact with other companies and individuals who value sustainable transportation options and are working to improve the connectivity of Chester County and Greater Philadelphia as a whole.

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