Warner Spur Trail Study

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Chester County, in partnership with Tredyffrin Township, is evaluating the potential transformation of the former Warner Spur rail line into a multi-use trail. The Warner Spur connects the Chester Valley Trail and the Atwater Community through Tredyffrin Township.

Final Warner Spur Trail Report Materials

1. Report

2. Appendix

3. Executive Summary

Study Area The Warner Spur is a 1.95 mile former rail spur line in Tredyffrin Township that connects the Chester Valley Trail (to the south) and the Atwater Community (to the north). The proposed trail could provide connections between residential areas, the regional trail network, and other nearby destinations: ― Chester Valley Trail ― Cedar Hollow Park ― Cool Valley Preserve ― Cedar Hollow Preserve ― Atwater Community & Trails ― Proposed Devault Trail

Project Partners & Funding The Chester County Planning Commission, in partnership with Tredyffrin Township, initiated the Warner Spur Multi-Use Trail Master Plan with grant funding from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Regional Trails Program.

Master Plan The master plan involves conceptual engineering and feasibility evaluations to identify the necessary physical improvements for development of the Warner Spur Multi-Use Trail. The master plan will provide information to decision makers regarding potential costs and other implications for future trail development. Construction of any improvements is not imminent and will require additional engineering and is dependent upon available funding.

Warner Spur Trail Overview