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TMACC Celebrates 26!

While the organization was founded on May 8,1992, TMACC officially came into being June 30, 1995, with an unceremonious formal filing with the Pennsylvania Department of State, recognizing the name change.

Prior to the current moniker, TMACC originally operated under the name, Great Valley Regional Transportation Management Association, and then later, the slightly less clunky, Chester Valley Transportation Management Association.

Since neither of those organizational titles rolled off the tongue, or formed an easy-to-remember acronym, the board of directors in 1995 opted for the smoother, more encompassing, Transportation Management Association of Chester County. TMACC more appropriately reflected the organization’s new reach and mission: to provide TDM solutions that reduce congestion and improve air quality throughout Chester County.

Happy 26th Anniversary, TMACC!

We wouldn't be here without the tremendous support of our members and community.

We look forward to celebrating our next mile stone with you, in person!

Unfortunately, according to there is no standard gift for the 26th anniversary.

(stay tuned for our 30th TMA anniversary celebrations)

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