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ROUTE 52 Bridge is OPEN

You can now cross that bridge when you come to it!

Closed for repairs since August 2019, Route 52 (Lenape Road), between Pocopson Road and Creek Road, is open to traffic again.

PennDOT completed a major construction project to rehabilitate the previously-deteriorating arch bridge over the Brandywine Creek floodplain in Birmingham Township. The stone masonry arch bridge, constructed in 1912, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, was strengthened and restored. The contractor rebuilt the stone walls at the north end of the bridge at the Route 52 (Lenape Road), and Creek Road intersections. The walls were also moved a bit further away from the intersection to provide additional room for vehicular turning moves. Improvements also included the installation of a permanent, flashing yellow left turn arrow on eastbound Route 926 (Street Road) for left turns onto northbound Pocopson Road. Contractors will be performing minor construction activities over the next few weeks, but this will not impact traffic.

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