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Planning for Telecommuting

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The barrage of information on coronavirus (COVID-19) has, understandably, caused concern around the globe. As with any potential emergency, preparedness is key. And while you might not need it now, having guidelines in place that allow your employees to telecommute might be a good idea. If your work allows for it, of course.

Telecommuting (which sounds much more professional than saying, “working from home in my pajamas”) gives employees the ability to work at a location other than an office. While this is especially good for employees, often making them more productive and giving them the opportunity to better balance work-home life, it can quickly become a problem for employers if there is no policy in place. We’ve linked some articles and information below to help.

Five Issues Your Telecommuting Policy Should Address

ThinkHR Sample Policy

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