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Pennsylvania Turnpike in Chester County

The Pennsylvania Turnpike spans the entire length of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with two entrance and exit ramps located in Chester County - Downingtown, and the newest EZ-Pass Only All Electronic Interchange on Route 29 in Great Valley.

For the past 75 years, the PA Turnpike has provided a safe,

reliable, and quick way to navigate the commonwealth.

Cashless Tolling on Pennsylvania Turnpike

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) introduced its first-ever cashless tolling facility in January 2016 at the PA Turnpike Bridge over the Delaware River in Bucks County. This new, nonstop highway speed toll installation will allow the Commission to evaluate technologies, systems and procedures before further implementation occurs.

This new cashless toll facility assesses tolls as vehicles pass under an overhead gantry at highway speed. This nonstop tolling point is a one-way toll for westbound motorists crossing the Delaware River from New Jersey into Pennsylvania. The start- and end-point of the PTC’s trip-based system has moved to a different location about six miles to the west. A new mainline toll plaza, called the Neshaminy Falls Toll Plaza, is the eastern terminus — or the beginning and end — of the Turnpike’s ticket system. It is located at milepost 353, about two miles east of the Bensalem Interchange.

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