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Pass the Parking-Protected Bike Lane Bill in 2020

Senator Kim Ward, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, is the key decider as to whether or not the parking protected bike lane bill gets a vote in 2020. HB792 was passed out of the House in June and was referred to the Senate Transportation Committee in July 2019.

Until a clean HB792 is passed and enacted into law, PennDOT is prevented from approving or installing parking protected bike lanes anywhere in the Commonwealth. Cities like Harrisburg, York, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia can’t get parking protected bike lanes because of a quirk in the vehicle code that requires cars to park 12" from a curb.

Passing this legislation will help cities and towns create safe places for people to walk and bike to work, school, to run errands, and to get to regional trail systems. Click the link below for more information, and to sign the petition.

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