Bike to Work Challenge

Over 85 riders attended, the Transportation Management Association of Chester County's (TMACC) 8th Annual Bike to Work Ride on Monday, May 21st.  The original date for TMACC's ride was Friday, on National Bike to Work Day, but the threat of rain forced them to reschedule their ride.  

Riders took off from two separate locations on the Chester Valley Trail to meet at Wegmans in Malvern for breakfast and awards.  Their ride is one of the highest attended Bike to Work Days in the area, which they attribute to their fun competitive component to the ride and forward thinking companies that are located in Great Valley.  

"The challenge to our participating companies is to bring out as many riders from their office as possible." said Executive Director, Tim Phelps, "The two companies [large and small] who bring out the most riders win our personally designed Bike Taxidermy Trophy to display in their offices."  

And a competition it is, indeed.  This year, the local Cerner Corporation brought out over 30 riders and Vanguard over 20.  In years past, Phelps said it's not unlikely to see teams of 40 or 50 riders come out for the morning.  

"It's just a great exercise to showcase the benefits of biking to work and to encourage more people to try it."  Phelps stated.  "The companies get involved in the day and really push to recruit new people to try biking at this event." 

Individuals who are interested in biking to work regularly can join FIT on their weekly commuter cycling group rides from Exton and Phoenixville.  More information can be found at