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What is Share-A-Ride?

Interested in sharing your ride to work, saving money and working to improve air quality in Chester County?  TMACC can help facilitate carpool matches with our partnership program with DVRPC, Share-A-Ride.

Share-A-Ride is a free, computerized service offered by DVRPC and managed by TMACC that can match commuters who work in southeastern Pennsylvania with others who want to carpool.  

How Does Share-A-Ride Work?

Step 1: Go to to sign up.

Step 2: A representative from TMACC (or the TMA your company’s location resides in) will contact you with matches that live near you. 

Step 3: You choose the matches that best fit your schedule and contact them to set up a carpool.  You can add as many people to your group as you can fit!  The more people in one car, the less traffic on the road.

Step 4: Start carpooling and keep TMACC informed!  If you continue with your carpool group for more than 3 months, we will reward you with gas cards and other fun giveaways.   


What is a Vanpool?

A vanpool is a better way to travel to and from work. A vanpool is a group of 7-15 people who commute on a regular basis in a roomy, comfortable van. One person volunteers to be the driver/coordinator of the vanpool and normally rides free. The riders share the cost of operating the vanpool. The vanpool group determines their daily schedule and route. Riders meet at a designated pick-up location, such as a Park 'n Ride lot or a shopping center. There may be more than one meeting place if the group agrees.

Who Vanpools?

  • Thousands of smart commuters ride in vanpools everyday

  • People who have at least a 30 minute drive or travel more than 15 miles one-way to work. People who maintain a relatively consistent work schedule 

  • People who love and work near, or along the route of, 7 to 15 other people who are willing to share the ride in a van

Why Vanpool?

  • Save money: Vanpoolers save an average of $800 a yaer or more compared to the cost of driving alone. Plus, you spend less for gas, parking, repair and maintenance on your own vehicle

  • Save time: A vanpool can use the (HOV) High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes. This can significantly reduce the time spent commuting to and from work each day 

  • Save your sanity: You don't have to fight traffic congestion. In a vanpool you can sleep, read and relax on your commute to and from work 

  • Save on air: One vanpool removes as many as 14 vehicles and their emissions from the road each day. That's good for you and for the environment.


Park and Ride (P&R) lots are areas specifically dedicated for use by commuters to park vehicles while using public transit or participating in carpools or vanpools.  Used as a common meeting spot, they provide adequate space and a safe, convenient location for drivers to leave their cars while sharing the ride to work. They also alleviate community opposition to on-street parking problems in areas most suited for shared commutes.  

Offical P&R Lots Include:

  • Clearly marked paved lots or gravel areas specifically designed or designated by state or local transportation officials; maintained by state or local government

  • Lots or areas with alternate uses at non-peak commute times, upon official agreement with owner (e.g. church lot or extra, "fringe" parking at shopping areas) 

  • Lots associated with transit stops, often maintained by the transit company and for use by transit riders only.

Park & Ride Lots Available in Chester County

  • West Whiteland Township
    PA 100 at US 30 Bypass/SEPTA Exton Station

  • West Nottingham Township
    US 1 at PA 272 interchange

  • Lower Oxford Township
    US 1 at PA 472 interchange

  • West Goshen Township
    Paoli Pike at US 202 interchange

  • East Whiteland Township
    US 30 at US 202 interchange

  • East Whiteland Township
    Matthews Rd. at PA 29/US 202 interchange

  • Uwchlan Township
    PA 113 near PA 100

Commuter Benefits

Stand out from your competition, offer your employees Commuter Benefits. It helps commuters pay for the cost of getting to work on public transportation. These programs allow commuters to use pre-tax dollars to pay for their commute. And employers save money by driving down payroll taxes with every dollar a commuter deducts. The program pays for itself and everyone gains from it.

If you or your employer are interested in Commuter Benerfits, please contact one of TMACC's knowledgeable staff members today.  


Bike to Work with TMACC

In an effort to continue TMACC's mission of reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality, Bike Chester County is hosting weekly bike to work rides into Great Valley from May 1st to September 30th open to anyone who is interested in trying to bike to work.  Information on the rides location, times and routes can be found on the group Facebook Page.  


Please note: The bulk of these rides are on trail, but every ride will have a road component once you depart from the trail to get to work. Ride leaders will not ride with you to your workplace. We suggest charting out the safest route to your workplace from the trail before you ride with us. If you are uncomfortable with riding on road alone, try getting a coworker with a similar commute to try riding with you. Helmets are required to participate in these rides.

Rides Back Home

If you would like to ride back to our starting locations with us, ride leaders will be leading rides back at 5:00 PM from the Wegmans in Malvern.​

Join Our Facebook Group!

If you are on Facebook, please consider joining our Great Valley Commuter Cycling group. We will use this group page to post about any ride cancellations or changes, and you can use this page to connect with other commuter cyclists. If you do not have Facebook, don't worry. We'll send out ride cancellations via email as well.


***Due to health concerns of our constituents and staff, for the foreseeable future

we will not be processing SEPTA Senior Key Card Applications in the office*** 

TMACC is not currently processing SEPTA Senior Key Card Applications.


Please Contact your local State Legislators office to schedule a time with their district office staff.

Click here to find your closest office.

Senior Citizens, age 65 and older, with a valid ID, ride FREE at all times on all ChescoBus Transit Routes (Coatesville Link, SCCOOT),  SEPTA Transit Routes (Bus, Trolley, Trackless Trolley, Broad Street/Broad Ridge Spur Line, Market Frankford Line/Norristown High Speed Line). In order to ride public transit at no cost, senior citizens aged 65 and older must have a SEPTA Key Photo ID Card.  

​Applicants are required to show at least on form of accepted identification at the time of process. Below are acceptable forms of identification:


  • Armed Forces Discharge/Separation Papers

  • Baptismal Certificate - Church's Name & Address 

  • Veterans Universal Access Identification Card 

  • Resident Alien Card 

  • Pace Identification Card 

  • Passport/Naturalization Papers 

  • Pennsylvania Identification Card 

  • Photo Motor Vehicles Operator's License 

  • Statement of Age from United States Security Administration

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