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Walk To School Day

Encouraging Families & Children to Walk and Bike to School

At FIT, we believe in connected, cohesive communities that encourage healthy, happy lifestyles.  Through partnerships, advocacy and education, we believe in creating communities with inclusive transportation infrastructure, better mobility options and environmentally conscious commuters.

FIT, in partnership with the Chester County District Attorney's Office, works with schools in Chester County to promote the National Safe Routes to School Program.  The program encourages children and families to walk and bike to school to showcase (to townships and schools) the need to create safe and accessible walking networks in surrounding neighborhoods.

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How Your School Can Participate

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Walk and Bike to School Day are great ways to encourage alternative commutes to school and promote healthy habits early on in your child's life.  Walk/Bike to School Days are easy to put together!  FIT will provide you with our Walk to School Day Handbook and walk you through the process of creating a successful Walk and/or Bike to School Day.  


Contact FIT today to learn how to organize a Walk and/or Bike to School Day at you School.  



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