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Krapf's "A" Bus Line & Coatesville Link Evening Service

Schedule available for regional bus service to Chester County 
For a copy of the Krapf 'A' bus schedule, click here

The Route A bus make the following stops. (Read forward for Eastbound, reverse for Westbound) Stops listed on schedule are in bold, other stops arrive at a time between stops in which they fall on the route.

Strode Ave & Madison Ave, Strode Ave & Charles Street, 2nd Ave (Gazebo), 3rd & Harmony (Only if listed on Schedule), 4th Ave, 6th Ave, 7th Ave, 8th Ave, 10th Ave, 12th Ave, 13th Ave, Toth Ave, Caln Road, Seltzer Ave, Broad St, Fulton St, Loomis Ave, Barley Sheaf Rd, Bailey Rd (North), K-Mart, Ames, Municipal Dr, PA 340, Caln Village Shopping Center, Wedgewood, Lloyd Ave, Gable Ave (Westbound Only), Aston Ave (Westbound Only), Hunt Ave (Westbound Only), Stuart Ave, Downing Ave, Manor Ave, Brandywine Ave, Green St, Chestnut St, Whiteland Ave (Eastbound Only), Human Services, Black Hawk, Plaza Dr, Woodbine Rd, Downingtown Train Station (SEPTA R5 or AMTRAK) Brandywine Square Plaza, Bell Tavern Rd, Quarry Rd, Oaklands, Applebee's, Whitford Rd, Lincoln Commons, PA 100 & K-Mart, Exton Square Mall (Exton Commons and Transportation Center), Denny's, Bartlett Ave, Exton Train Station (Connect to SEPTA R5 or AMTRAK), Gilberts Trailer Park (Westbound Only), Exton Station Townhomes (Westbound Only), Boot Road, Hollow Run Apartments, Heritage, Burke Road, Manor Dr, Green Hill Rd, Caswallen Dr, Ashbridge St, Marshall St, Biddle St, High St & Gay St, Church St, Darlington St, New St & Market St. (West Chester Bus Station)


7 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 144 | Great Valley Corporate Center
Malvern, PA 19355
p: 610.993.0911 | f: 610.993.0922


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