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Route 29/Great Valley Multi-Modal Study 
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About the Study
Great Valley is home of one of the largest concentrations of office and light industrial space in the Philadelphia region. The area is extremely auto-dependent and suffers from significant congestion problems. An overall lack of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bicycle facilities, and transit amenities in Great Valley erodes transportation demand management efforts by the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) and significantly reduces safety and accessibility for all transportation modes.

To address these challenges, TMACC applied for and received a Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative (PCTI) grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in 2012 to:

  • Identify missing links in the bicycle/pedestrian network and propose linkages through integration of sidewalks and bike paths to employment, retail and residential facilities
  • Evaluate current bus routes, hours of service and bus stop locations for pedestrian access to and from building sites to the transit network 
  • Study safety risks for bicycles and pedestrians along the PA Route 29 corridor and suggest bicycle/pedestrian safety measures through traffic calming and better signing and pavement markings 
  • Review best practices in retrofitting high-speed, high-volume corridors into accessible multi-modal parkways complementing the surrounding community

In early 2014, TMACC's Board of Directors approved the study recommendations for the Route 29/Great Valley Corridor.  Since then, Manager of Transportation Operations and Planning, John Meisel, has created a working committee to discuss and plan the future of the Route 29/Great Valley Corridor.  If you are interested in this committee, please contact John directly to learn about how you can join.  


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