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Governor Corbett’s Quick Response to SEPTA Rail Strike Prevents Major Delays in Commuting

Malvern, PA-The Transportation Management Association of Chester County appreciates Governor Corbett leadership in requesting President Obama to provide a Presidential Emergency Board to advert a long term work stoppage of a SEPTA rail strike.

As with all contract negotiations, these are important times for both parties to listen and find mutual common ground that is financially prudent.

As Governor has stated “I have requested federal intervention from the President to immediately mediate the ongoing dispute between SEPTA and the Engineers and Electricians Unions. It is imperative that parties continue to work toward an agreement for the benefit of the tens of thousands of people who use SEPTA rail every day."

For commuters on the Thorndale line a work stoppage would have significantly impacted surface commute times due to traffic delays throughout Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia County. This additional burden would have been placed on our regional road network which is at capacity as well as a potential parking shortage in the City of Philadelphia. For those employees that work in Chester County but reside in Philadelphia, they too would have extended commute times creating an additional hard ship for businesses in Chester County such as our regional hospitals.

“The people of Philadelphia and the surrounding region expect and deserve a safe and efficient rail system to get them to work, medical appointments, school, and recreation. I call on both parties to work together, find common ground and place the riders at the forefront of mind in their discussions,” stated Governor Corbett.

We encourage SEPTA administration, SEPTA engineers and electrical workers to continue negotiations in earnest to come to an agreement. Rail service to Thorndale is critical to Chester County’s vitality.



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