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Tired of fighting the traffic and arriving to work stressed and frustrated?

Want to save money on gas and maintenance expenses?

The Share-A-Ride program is a free computerized service that could potentially match you with convenient transit services, car pools, vanpool groups, even walking and bicycling opportunities if you work in the 5-county southeastern Pennsylvania region. Even employers can get on board by locating matches for their employees!

So sit back, relax and leave your car at home!

By sharing the ride you can save your money and reduce the stress of your commute. And you can breathe easy, knowing you are helping to keep the air cleaner, too!

For more information:

Contact DVRPC's Office of Commuter Benefits at (215)-592-1800

For more detailed information and to sign up for the Share-A-Ride program click here.

Easy Application Instructions:

Fill out the SAR application form. There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to and click on “Submit a Share-A-Ride Application.” Please be sure to fill in all boxes, and to confirm where your worksite is (last question) so the application can be emailed to the proper organization for processing. These applications go directly into the existing SAR database
  • Fill out the paper form provided by your SAR contact. The contact will then input all the paper applications into the SAR database.

Your SAR contact will process your application, and find out if there are any matches in the regional database.

Your SAR contact will email or send you a list of 1) potential transit options, and/or 2) other commuters who have similar commute patterns and times as you.

If you receive a list of other commuters, you can then contact them via the preferred method they provide (often email) to set up or join a car/vanpool. (Note: SAR does not organize groups nor provide vehicles for ridesharing.)

If you do not receive matches at this time, your information will be kept in the database for two (2) years; you may be contacted at some time later by any new commuters who are looking for car/vanpool partners. (Please note, you must contact SAR if your home or work information changes, or if you wish to be removed from the database.)

Remember: when you sign up for SAR, you can also apply for the Emergency Ride Home program. This gives you a “safety net,” or back up plan, if you have a personal emergency on days when you do not have a car at work. Visit or ask your SAR contact for more information or a sign-up form.

This program is made available through the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) through funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)


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